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Erika Broussard is a natural Psychic Empath who has always felt a passion to help others heal and grow. Her love for understanding people and culture led her to fulfill her Bachelors Degree in Cultural Anthropology. Her Psychic Readings allow for her to help and heal others through her natural abilities to connect to Source, as well as understanding the unique individuality that makes up every person. Erika believes we are all the results of the culture in which we live. She appreciates the opportunity to provide life lessons and tools to all who seek her guidance in order to shape and form their lives to a higher level of their own making. Erika believes we are the creators of our own realities. She uses divination tools such as Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Pendulum Dowsing, Scrying, plus more and her natural Psychic ability to bring the answers and guidance needed to her clients. Erika does not hold back in delivering truth and delivers news in the highest good of her client urging them to take the path that is best for them in whatever area of concern. If you need guidance Erika can help.

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